Creatures older than written history, the horse has a home in nearly every culture worldwide. Since the 15th Century, Iberian culture has been committed to bearing some of the most majestic horses man has ever partnered with.

The Pure Spanish Horse (Pura Raza Española), commonly referred to in North America as "The Andalusian," is a testiment to this discerning committment.

In this spirit, we at Prados Andaluces endeavor to produce exceptional Andalusians (PRE) and Andalusian Crosses in the long held Spanish tradition; horses with noble character, brave hearts, inquisitive minds, athletic conformation, and devoted disposition.

Whether you're a seasoned horseman looking for something more than just a horse, or whether you're someone exploring the exciting decision of becoming a horse owner, we feel confident that you'll find what you're looking for in the Andalusian.